Australia and UK Necklace Etched with Cross

Australia and UK Necklace Etched with Cross


Custom order for Jon. Shipping included in price.

Hand-sawn copper pendant the shape of Australia. Inside has UK sawn out of it. Right side is etched with a small cross.

Made of pure copper. Pendant hangs from a nickel free, copper plated, brass, round, cable chain.  Features a small, copper plated, lobster claw style clasp. Comes with copper care directions, a business card and a special impregnated polishing cloth.

Copper will gain character and oxidize over time due to contact with dirt, oils and moisture. Tarnish can easily be removed by dipping the piece in soy sauce or ketchup for a minute or so. Afterwards rinse and dry thoroughly. Polishing cloths provided will remove tarnish as well.

Handmade with care in Edmonton, Alberta.

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