Wood Grain Etched Copper Rings

Wood Grain Etched Copper Rings


Custom order for Anne Tranholm.

Two custom copper bands hand etched with an abstract wood grain texture. Sizes 11 1/2 and 5 3/4.

Copper rings can turn skin green with long wear or high PH skin. It isn't harmful and it washes off. You can coat the inside of your ring periodically with clear nail polish to create a barrier if desired.

Ring is soldered together using silver solder so a small line of silver may be seen on the ring's joint. Comes with copper care directions, a business card and a special impregnated polishing cloth.

Copper will gain character and oxidize over time due to contact with dirt, oils and moisture. Tarnish can easily be removed by dipping the piece in soy sauce or ketchup for a minute or so. Afterwards rinse and dry thoroughly. Polishing cloths provided will remove tarnish as well.

Handmade with care in Edmonton, Alberta.

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