Hand Cut and Stamped Garden Markers

Hand Cut and Stamped Garden Markers

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Customizable hand cut and stamped copper garden markers. Mark your seed rows with these elegant, reusable row labels. Just stick it in the ground near your plant.

Choose your own vegetables/plants. Choose between sans serif or a script letter stamps at checkout. Buy 1 for $12, 5 for $52 or 10 for $100.

Made from pure, uncoated copper. Copper will turn a darker brown with contact to moisture, dirt and oxygen. This is normal! At the end of the growing season pull the markers from the ground and lay them in a small dish of soy sauce for a few minutes to clean off any tarnish.

Stamping is done by hand with individual metal letter stamps and a hammer. Letters won't always be completely straight. This adds character to your one of a kind piece!

Polishing cloths provided will remove tarnish as well. Also included are copper care directions, a business card and a special impregnated polishing cloth.

Handmade with care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Please allow several days for piece to be made before shipping.

Canada Post Expedited Parcel
• 1-3 business days in Edmonton and area
• Nationally about 1 week
• Free tracking and $100 insurance
• $7.99 + $1 per extra item

Sorry, I can no longer offer pickups in Edmonton for privacy and safety reasons. I do not have a brick and mortar store, but I do attend local markets and craft sales almost every month where you can find me in person! Please contact me via email prior to event if you would like to pick up a particular piece there.

Thank you for supporting a local, handmade business!

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