Custom Ordering

Have something special in mind? Tell me about your idea via this form. I will contact you regarding your piece through email within a few days. We can then discuss design details such as etching, texture or size. From there I will design and bring to life a special copper piece just for you!

Custom orders start at $70 per piece and increase based on design time, difficulty of sawing out shape, etching, stamping, size, material and number of pendants. Mixed metal pieces generally fall between $170-$250. It usually takes several weeks to create a custom piece. Due to their fragile nature, I no longer make cufflinks.

custom order

Name *
Include details such as approximate size, chain length, number of attachment holes etc.
If you are interesting in etching on your piece, be aware that etching rarely results in clean or straight lines and can produce interesting and unexpected textured results. It is done by hand, not a machine.
Terms of Custom Work *
Minimum charge on all custom orders is $70 per item. You are commissioning custom work by an artisan. I cannot refund money because you do not like something you specifically ordered or you change your mind. I reserve the right to reproduce my custom designs if appropriate. I may display photos of custom pieces on social media or on my website. Please notify me if you would not like photos of your piece posted. I may decline custom requests at my own discretion. As an artisan pieces must align with my standard of design, quality and aesthetic. Please do not bring other jewelry maker's designs to me to be recreated. Etching and stamping are done by hand and results vary with every piece. Letters may not line up perfectly when stamping. Copper gains character and changes colour over time, but can be cleaned using soy sauce or ketchup.