Kristine Macdonald

Smithstine is a one-woman studio creating prairie inspired and custom copper jewelry and accessories.

Photo by Diana Duzbayeva / Make Something Edmonton

Photo by Diana Duzbayeva / Make Something Edmonton



I realized my passion for working with metal in 2011 when I first began attending community silversmithing classes. Since then I've worked hard to teach myself new skills and techniques involved in metal smithing. I value the art of making things by hand, from scratch.

Copper has become my metal of choice because it is soft, shines up beautifully and is not particularly common in jewelry making. My copper designs are mainly prairie related because I appreciate Alberta's diverse features, creatures and landmarks.

I am a graduate of Design and Digital Media at MacEwan University. I also enjoy traveling, dragon boating, cycling, gardening, photography and cooking.

Come visit at my next market, I would love to meet you and hear your ideas! Follow me on Instagram for daily updates.



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