Canadian Province Necklace

Canadian Province Necklace

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Bring your home province everywhere you travel. Perfect for a homesick family member or friend who is moving away. Choose your province then choose wether you'd like it plain, stamped with a heart or stamped with the abbreviation of the province's name. Size varies, but each province is about the size of a quarter. Prices vary based on difficulty of sawing out shape. Newfoundland & Labrador are two separate pendants.

This necklace is completely handmade and will vary slightly from piece to piece. Pendant made of pure copper. Hangs from a nickel free, copper plated, brass, round, cable chain.  Features a small, copper plated, lobster claw style clasp. Comes with copper care directions, a business card and a special impregnated polishing cloth.

Copper will gain character and patina over time due to contact with oils and moisture. Tarnish can easily be removed by dipping the piece in soy sauce or ketchup for a few minutes. Afterwards rinse and dry thoroughly. Polishing cloths provided will remove tarnish as well.

Handmade with care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Please allow several days for piece to be made before shipping.

Canada Post Expedited Parcel
• 1-3 business days in Edmonton and area
• Nationally about 1-2 weeks
• Free tracking and $100 insurance
• $7.99 + $1 per extra item

Thank you for supporting a local, handmade business!

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